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Marriage in Favrskov Town Hall

If you want to get married in the Municipality of Favrskov you need to call us or write us for an appointment

In order to get married in Denmark, you and your partner likewise must both fill out the marriage declaration form, before you can get an appointment.

The information that you provide in the form and the documents that you attach are used by the Municipality of Favrskov to check if you can get married in Denmark.

Incomplete or incorrect information may result in you not getting married at the planned time.

Should any changes occur to the information that you provide to the Municipality prior to your marriage, you must immediately notify the Municipality of Favrskov.

You have to pay DKK 870 (118 €) to get married by the Municipality of Favrskov in Denmark, if any one of you don't have a Danish citizenship and if none of you are living i Denmark. 

You will be asked to pay before you submit the form to the Municipality. You can only pay by payment card and your payment card will be debited once you have filled out the declaration and submitted it to the Municipality.

The following documentation is required:

  • Copy of valid passport

  • Birth certificate

  • Civil status certificate

  • Proof of legal residence in Denmark:
    • visa (including tourist visa)
    • residence permit or EU/EEA residence certificate from Denmark
    • residence permit from another Schengen country
    • other valid proof of Nordic citizenship or citizenship of an EU country or
    • proof of your time of entry into Denmark, e.g. entry stamp in your passport
  • If you are divorced: Documentation of divorce (the original must be forwarded)
  • If your former spouse is deceased: Documentation of death (the original must be forwarded)

The Municipality of Favrskov draw your attention, that you only can get married in the Municipality if you subsequently sends forward all original documents to the municipality after they initially submitted as Electronic attached together with the marriage declaration.

Information concerning contracting marriage

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