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Marriage in Favrskov Town Hall

If you want to get married in the Municipality of Favrskov you need to call us or write us for an appointment

In order to get married in Denmark, you and your partner must both fill out the marriage declaration form from the State Administration, before you can get an appointment for a marriage by the Municipality of Favrskov.

You have to apply for a marriage license at the State Administration if both you and your partner not meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are a Danish citizen
  • You are a citizen in a Nordic country (i.e. Finland, Sweden, Norway or Island)
  • You have a permanent residence permit, issued in Denmark
  • You have an obtained a permanent residence right under the Directive 2004/38/EC implemented in Danish law as “EU-opholdsbekendtgørelsen”

See how to contact the Agency of Family Law and read more about getting the marriage license, information about the form and the documents that you attach for checking if you can get married in Denmark and before a marriage in the Municipality of Favrskov. Incomplete or incorrect information may result in you not getting married at the planned time.

You also have the possibility of letting a third party represent you. If you wish the former, you will have to sign a power of attorney, stating that the third party may represent you. Please note that you still must sign the declaration of marriage as a sworn declaration yourself.

Only the State Administration is available for any questions regarding documents etc.

If you meet the abovementioned criteria, you have to send an application for a marriage license to the Municipality.

Please note, that the Municipality cannot enter into an appointment for a marriage, before the Municipality have received the marriage license from you or the State Administration.

Should any changes occur to the appointment that you provide to the Municipality prior to your marriage, you must immediately notify the Municipality of Favrskov.

Read more about how and when to get married under "Information concerning contracting marriage" down below.

Information concerning contracting marriage

  • Marriage in Favrskov Town Hall

  • Wedding

    Your wedding ceremony will take place in the Town Hall near by the Frijsenborg Wood. 

    Address: Registry Office, Skovvej 20, DK-8382 Hinnerup.

    If nessesary there is a lift in the building.

  • Witnesses

    Two witnesses must be present at the wedding. You can bring relatives and friends as witnesses – please provide their full names and addresses in an e-mail to: a week before the wedding day.

    If you do not bring your own witnesses, the Municipality will be happy to provide two witnesses (no costs) in the days from Monday to Friday.

  • Marriage Certificate/Apostille on your Marriage Certificate

    Right after the ceremony you receive 2 international Marriage Certificates in five languages (Danish, German, English, French and Spanish).

    An apostille is often required, when presenting your marriage certificate to the local authorities abroad.

    A certificate issued in Denmark can only be given an apostille by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen (this is possible via post).

    Information about legalisation/apostille

  • Recognition of your marriage

    Please check with your local authorities, whether a marriage performed by us will be recognised in your home country.

    After returning home please remember - both of you - to register your marriage at your local authorities as well as in your home country, if different.

  • Change of name

    According to the Danish legislation a change of name is not possible in connection with contracting marriage in Denmark, if the person in question is not registered in Denmark. After the marriage you must apply for a change of name, where you are registered. 

    The Marriage Certificate always states both names as specified in the passports.

    Even when a certificate is reissued, the names remain the same as on the day of the wedding (even if a change of name has been made subsequently).

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